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Communication is a way to express emotions, ideas and expressions.  Trust Journals allow children to express whatever they’re feeling at the moment.  By expressing your ideas and feelings, relationships with teachers, mentors,  family and friends become stronger.  Trust Journals acts as a bridge between two people in order for them to resolve any issues or problems together. 


 Communication is a way to express emotion, ideas and expressions. It allows you to express whatever you feel at the moment.  When you are down or sad, it really helps if you communicate and express your emotion. It would be a way to find solution to a problem or find comfort from a person of trust.


With good communication skills, a child will take better control of  situations and will be more apt to become a successful individual, which will lead to healthier relationships as an adult.


Gerry Owen, licensed marriage and family therapist for over 20 years, thinks, The Trust Journals, can be one of the many tools used by adults in order to better communicate with kids.

“Anything that helps smooth and facilitate conversation between parents and children is a good thing,” said Owen, who has an office in Downtown Santa Monica with his wife, Linda. “The more that that conversation is experienced by both people as safe, and that both feel seen — the parent feels seen, the kid feels seen — the better off the whole family unit is.”

We would love to hear from you if you have a comment or know of an organization that would benefit from having Trust Journals donated.

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